Aviation Services

Overhaul & Repair Service of equipment

We provide full Overhaul & Repair Service of equipment. All units are delivered with appropriate tagging either JAA Form One, or FAA 8130-3, from JAA145 or JAR145 Facilities. Our Overhaul & Repair Program covers over 20,000 different types of Units from all ATA Chapters. We are developing and expanding our capabilities on a daily basis to cater for our ever- increasing Customer requirements.

Customers Consignment Agreements

Tecon Aviation offers their Customers Consignment Agreements, giving the opportunity to dispose of their surplus stocks that have become redundant due to Fleet changes or over stocking. We have contacts worldwide who are in touch with us on a regular basis for various requirements.

Standard Exchange

Various Units & Hi-Cost Sub-assemblies are held on our Stock, to cater for Exchange when the requirement arises. Units are shipped in ATA Boxes to required locations and returned with core unit. This reduces the Cost of ownership for the Operator.

Forward Exchange

Forward Exchange Units are also supplied, in advance to the actual requirement. On receipt of Operator scheduled flight planning and projected hours & cycles, we have in place Agreements to provide Overhauled Units that are placed on your shelf at No Charge. When the unit is removed from your stock & installed into an Aircraft a replacement Overhauled Unit is shipped, at this time you are invoiced for the Forward Exchange Unit. If there are any extra parts required, over and above the standard parts or charges this will be advised at the earliest opportunity.